Water Meter SHM 2 Inch Air Panas


Water Meter SHM 2 Inch Air Panas – Sewage Hi‐flo Meters ‐ Analog/Mechanical Flowmeter for Waste/Sewage Water is an epoxy
coated cast iron, it has great flow rate measure and resistant from many light chemicals and corrosion.
It can be used for a remote reading transmission system as equipped with built‐in sensor (optional) and
with Data Logger, it can record for last six months logs.


SHM Multi Jet Brass Hot 90°C Meteran Air Bersih
Size : DN 50mm
Overload Flow Qs : 30 m³/
Permanet Flow Qp : 15 m³/h
Transtional Flow Qt : 3000 L/H
Minimum Flow Qmin : 450 L/H
Minimum Reading : 0.00005 m³
Maximum Reading 99.999 m³
Weight 7.25 kg


Water Meter SHM 2 Inch Air Panas Features:

‐ Easy Installation and Maintenance
‐ Stainless Steel Cap, Dry Dial Magnetic
‐ High Bypass and Very Low Head Loss
‐ Glass Vacuum Sealed Register -Free
from Condesation and clear for long term
‐ Working Temperature 0.10C – 500C for
Cold and 0.10C – 900C for Hotwater
‐ Max Pressure: 16 Bar
‐ Maximum Error : +/- 2%
‐ Selected High Quality Materials
Iso 4064
Warranty 2 Year



‐ Sewage Treatment Plant (STP);
i.e: Hospital, Hotel, Industrial,
Mall, Residential, Palm Oil
Industrial, etc
‐ Raw Water, Sludge Water and
many others
‐ Inlet and Outlet Water
‐ Best suited for pump system and
high flowrate
‐ Many more applications



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