Sounding Tape RICHTER 30 Meter



We turn your plans in exact results

Sounding Tape RICHTER 30 Meter Are you looking for accurate solutions? We have the perfect measuring tool for it. As a German family company with long tradition, we convince with a wide range of products and expert knowledge.

We supply worldwide and can meet almost every need with individual custom-made products and short delivery times.

Your application has to meet the highest standards?
Then you are exactly right with us!

Increase the degree of precision

Sounding Tape RICHTER 30 Meter Precise measurements and calibration – we know how to make it. Our extensive know-how, we draw from nearly 100 years of experience in the industry. Precision always has priority for us and we consider best service and product consultancy as part of our corporate philosophy.


We can do even more: measuring tools made by Richter with promotional printing are ideal for advertising of your company. You can create your individual advertising message quite simply, according to your choice.

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RICHTER Stainless steel OIL Sounding
Tape 30 Meter bandul stainlees
Adalah digunakan untuk mengukur
kedalaman Minyak, solar, atau jenis minyak
lainnya di dalam penampungan sejenisnya
antara lain Tangki Minyak atau Drum dan jenis lainnya.


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