Flow Meter OVAL Flowpet 1 inch

Spesifikasi Produk
Nominal size 20, 25, 40, 50mm
Connection JIS 10K Flange
Flow range * 300 to 3000 L/h
Operating temp. range 0 to 120°C
Max. operating pressure 1.18MPa
Accuracy Within ±0.5% of reading
Power supply Not necessary (Power supply is required for output furnished model.)
Body material FC250
Output Pulse (Option)
Configuration Output available model (non-explosionproof only), IP65 or equivalent
Applicable fluids Kerosene oil, light oil, heavy oil, etc.
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Inexpensive positive displacement flowmeter mainly intended for measurement of fuel to boiler. Field check of total flow is possible with mechanical counter.


High Accuracy ±0.5% RD

Power Supply unnecessary (Mechanical counter)


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