Flow Meter OVAL 2 Inch LB 564-111-B117-000

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Merk : OVAL
Model : LB 564-111-B117-000
Size : 2 Inch
Max Flow Rate : 20 M³/Hour
Minimum Flow Rate : 2.5 M³/Hour
Max Temperature : 120°C
Conectrion : Flange JIS10K
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Flow Meter OVAL 2 Inch is a positive displacement type flowmeter comprising a pair of oval gear rotors. It is capable of metering the actual quantity of the material passing through it with a high degree of accuracy over a wide flow range and accepts various kinds of liquids.It’s accuracy, reliability and quality has made it a highly valued industrial instrument.


Flow rate is the quantity of fluid that passes through a given section of a pipe per unit time. OVAL can offer a variety of flowmeters that can measure flowrate under various operating conditions. Most of OVAL flowmeters are developed by OVAL itself, enabling a quick response to the potential needs by combination with our sales and service networks throughout Japan. We can offer safe and secured flowmeters while maintaining Japan’s No. 1 flowmeter calibration facilities.



1. Simple design makes this meter easy to disassemble and allows for ease in maintenance and inspection.

2. Introduction of a powerful magnetic coupling makes this meter compatible with a variety of direct-reading registers and mechanical temperature compensator.

3. Compatible with a variety of pulse generators that allows a wide selection of remote flow instrumentation.

4. Can accept various kinds of liquids by selecting appropriate meter materials.

5. A complete line of models are available to meet a broad range of pressure and temperature


Flow Meter OVAL 2 Inch

High accuracy: ±0.5% RD (Option: ±0.2% RD)

Metering chamber is of a pocketless configuration and is applicable to a wide range of liquids including chemical liquids.

Low pressure loss, high durability


Produk sejenis : OVAL


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