Flow Meter FILL RITE Series 900 Meter Size 1 1/2 inch

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Model : Series 900 Meter
Size : 1 1/2 Inch
Diameter Nominal : 25 mm
Flow Rate : 6 to 40 GPM (23 to 151 LPM)
Material : Aluminum
Conectrion : Screw/Drat
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FILL RITE Series 900 Meter can be calibrated for either U.S. gallons or liters. Calibration is required upon installation, after disassembly, after significant wear or when metering a different viscosity fluid. Depending on the model, Series 900 meters are factory calibrated in either U.S. gallons or liters using mineral spirit. Calibration must be done between 6 and 40 GPM (23 and 151 LPM). Meter calibration can be easily changed by following the calibration procedure. A container of KNOWN volume will be needed for the calibration procedure. For the 900 Series meter, a five gallon container or larger should be used.

Procedure for Calibration FILL RITE Series 900 Meter :

1) For the most accurate calibration, install the meter in the application. Fill a container to a known volume with the liquid to be measured.
2) If meter amount is incorrect, turn calibration screw (item 31) counterclockwise for less liquid, or clockwise for more liquid.
3) Repeat steps 1 and 2 until calibration is acceptable.
Operating Instructions For accurate measurement and to prevent meter damage, meter and piping must always be filled with liquid and free of air. Meter should be calibrated per instructions in this manual


prior to its use.

1) Stop flow of liquid.
2) Reset register to “0”.
3) Meter is ready for use. Start flow of liquid. Do not exceed 50 PSI of line pressure.
Your Fill-Rite 900 series meter should operate virtually maintenance free. Certain
Liquids, however, can dry out while in the meter housing, causing the meter to stop or perform
poorly. If this happens, meter should be thoroughly cleaned.
Cleaning Instructions
Run a flushing fluid through the meter. For a more thorough cleaning, disassemble the meter
per “ASSEMBLY / DISASSEMBLY” section, “Meter Chamber Assembly” subsection. Rinse
all meter components thoroughly. Recalibrate meter following calibration instructions above.




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