Flow Meter FILL RITE FR 820

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Model : FR 820
Size : 1 Inch
Diameter Nominal : 25 mm
Pressure : Pressures to 125 psi max
Flow Rate : 2-20 GPM Flow
Material : Glass-filled polypropylene housing
Conectrion : Screw/Drat
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Safety Instructions

Flow Meter FILL RITE FR 820 To ensure safe and efficient operation,it is essential
to read and follow each of the following warnings and
1. Agricultural herbicides flowing through the meter may be harmful to your health. Use and disposal of these products is controlled by federal, state, or local laws and procedures.
2. Conform to fluid manufacturer’s recommended handling procedures when using product and when cleaning meter.
3. Do not exceed an internal meter pressure of 120PSI /8.2 Bars.
4. Improper use or installation of this product can cause
serious bodily injury or death.
5. The 820 Digital Meter is not for use with flammable
fluids. DO NOT use with fluids with a flashpoint below
100°F (such as gasoline and alcohol).
Damage to LCD could occur, and warranty is void


Technical Information Flow Meter FILL RITE FR 820
Flow Ports: 1” NPT inlet / outlet ports, female threads
3/4″ BSP inlet / outlet ports, female threads
Flow Range: 2 to 20 U.S GPM / 7.6 to 75.7 LPM
Pressure: 120 PSI / 8.2 Bars maximum @ 70° F / 21° C
50 psi / 3.4 Bars maximum @ 130° F / 54° C
Temperature: Min. operating temperature = 0° F / 17° C
Max. operating temperature = 130° F / 54° C
Meter can be stored at lower temperatres but
display may not work below 0° F.
Accuracy: ± 0.5%
Units of Measure: Ounces,pints, quarts,liters,gallons;
special calibration option also available.
Range: 9999 current total; 10,000,000 accumulated total
Materials of Construction
Body: Polypropylene*
Chamber: Ryton 303 Stainless Steel*
Wetted Seals: Fluorocarbon (EPDM Available)*
Electronic Module Weather & Dust Seal: Nitrile
Display: LCD (Liquid Crystal Display)
Power: Two alkaline AA batteries (included)


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